Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Durbin Bill and DSHEA



Durbin and Braun Bill
Seeks to Register All DSHEA Products

Senators Durbin and Braun have issued a Media Release proposing further legislative restrictions on the availability of dietary supplements.

The bill has the innocuous sounding title of The Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022. Since Sen. Durbin is the current Majority Whip the bill stands a good chance of passing before the upcoming congressional election.

In the Release Sen. Durbin admitted, “Seventy percent of people in America take a dietary supplement including me.”

The proposal is to have all dietary supplements ‘registered’ with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because, the Senators imply, since Congress unanimously passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) the number of dietary supplement products available to the public has increased from about 4,000 to an estimated 80,000.

We reject the authoritarian notion that, because Americans want nutrients and therefore nutrient companies are successful, they ought to be further regulated and restricted.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs which, even when used according to prescription, may kill over 500,000 Americans annually there are virtually no adverse reactions reported for dietary supplements. There is no public health reason to register nutrients which are foods deemed safe when used as directed.

If there were to be a serious adverse reaction to a nutrient the current law requires notification to FDA. Additionally dietary supplement marketers are already required to notify FDA regarding each claim made for each dietary supplement within 30 days of making the claim. Further, all manufacturers of dietary supplements must register with FDA as food processing facilities.

The Senators are wrong to imply that FDA needs additional power to “regulate” supplements.

Since there is no compelling reason to add another layer of registration and notification above those that already exist, and such registration will be an additional burden on especially smaller companies, the Durbin/Braun proposal should be rejected.

The Bill is just another power grab to limit access to the market and availability of affordable nutrients.

We have initiated a campaign to educate supplement users regarding the Durbin/Braun proposal, providing the public with an easy “Action Item” through the system that operates the Natural Solution email list. The goal is for the Action Item to ‘go viral and flood the White House and each individual’s Senators and Member of Congress with our concerns.


Share with all your circles of influence and act now or your access to nutrients will be at risk.

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