Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Hemp Rules Changing

Research Opportunity / Congress and Hemp
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Dr. Robert Goodman and I have partnered with the Institute for Health Research to support research into natural products and their benefits. The Institute was founded in 1998 and sponsors an online Journal and an IRB system. 

Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight is an essential requirement for valid, publishable research.

Dr. Goodman and I have also created a website to support product safety. We provide professional safety dossier services as well as California Proposition 65 compliance oversight. Site:

A unique feature of our institutional review board structure is that Dr. Goodman and I guide the principal researcher in the development of a compliant Research Protocol and research description that meet standards required for the publication of the research.

Dr. Goodman and I can schedule a limited number of introductory consultations to determine company needs.

Please call me at (973.300.4594) to schedule time for you. Institute web site:

Did Congress and Trump "Legalize"
THC in Hemp? USDA Thinks So!

    A client just emailed me that he noticed a competitor was no longer advertising its CBD Hemp product, but told its customers they can still order, by phone, but not over the Internet.
Here is what I replied:
This is a hot issue right now.  I can understand why a North Carolina company may be doing this, as they have restrictive state laws.
However, an Opinion by the USDA's Chief Counsel, just a few days ago, says that all that is changing.
Hemp, so long as it has less than .3% THC is no longer on the Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) Schedule!  There are no USDA restrictions on the percentage of CBDs.
Shortly no State (or Indian Tribe) will be able to prevent the interstate shipment of hemp. That means .3% THC hemp can be shipped to a state where THC "Marijuana" is legal and can be extracted to any desired potency (most legal THC vap products are over 95% THC).

More about that here: