Friday, March 25, 2022

March 2022 Newsletter: Useful Links



The Vitamin Consultancy Newsletter

This is my first newsletter since December 2021, so I’m sending you some important links with information to impact your bottom line.

Regards, Ralph…

I continue to offer consulting services through and — Mention the Vitamin Consultancy Newsletter and I’ll give you ten percent off any invoice during April, the month when I am acknowledging my 77th birthday.

Ann and Bill Chaisson, with whom I have worked since the late 1960s have a new web site for their beautiful .925 silver Sons and Daughters of Liberty medallions. I proudly wear my SoL medallion, which only gains value over time.

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You Need Drew’s IT Networking Skills!

My son Drew, after three years running the IT network for an expanding Dallas warehouse distribution system (now about one million square feet), is working with his wife Sophie as office manager, to establish his own consulting practice,

Chrono Creation Systems is the company that creates time for you… and, time is money, so your bottom line always benefits more from Drew and Sophie’s services than you pay.

Imagine that!

Contact them at:

Here is what they do:

Produce advanced integrative software to automate systems within your business, getting your systems to ‘talk’ to each other efficiently, to:

  • Reduce employee workload and therefore employee time.

  • Create time for efficient productivity.

  • Provide satisfactory and personal customer support.

  • Unique software built specifically for your business needs.

  • Improve your bottom line.