Monday, December 16, 2019

Marketing During the Trump Boom


December 2019 Newsletter

Natural Product companies marketing regulated products during the Trump Boom require focus on your Brand and your Systems Integration.

The stock-market is reaching extraordinary heights (maybe even moving from Boom to Bubble... to the inevitable Bust?)  while Trump Tariffs are about to double the cost of products such as wines made in the EU. New trade deals, while not Free Trade, at least offer the promise of more trade. The economy, bolstered by low interest rates and by the regulatory reforms which are unleashing the spirit of enterprise, continues to grow.

So how do regulated Natural  Product Companies prepare themselves for the coming year's continuing boom?

One important step is to be aware of the trends in regulation.  I've analysed the FDA's Warning Letters for 2019 and summarized them in a previous newsletter.  You can review that here: -- FDA, like all bureaucracies, acts in waves of interest and disinterest.  This past year both warning letters and comments during inspections suggest the written Specifications are a key to the agency's actions.  I've prepared a webinar about Specifications.  If you haven't seen it, I'll provide it to you at super discount.  For just $50 -- email me at with Specifications in the subject line.

Really benefiting from the Trump Boom requires going beyond being aware of regulation to being proactive in marketing.
I strongly recommend using the holiday season "down time" to prepare for the coming year by taking two powerful steps:  

1.  GET YOUR BRAND IN ORDER!  Your Brand is an asset!  It is your chief Intellectual Property.  A proper Company Branding Profile adds value to your company. Let me work with you to secure this asset.


How do you do these essential tasks?  You contact me at 

Happy New Year!