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Year End 2018 Newsletter

Note: notice, notification: private and confidential . . . . . .
Year-End Round-Up: More Happenings That Impacts Your Business.
From Conscience to Miracles... the Vitamin Consultancy has News for You.
Here Are Some
News Items of Interest
Update on my experience with Dr. Wolf's "Divine Wellness" ethically harvested ovine placenta, CBD and Nano Gold supplement.  

The apparent lesion on my chest continues to heal and the new skin that's grown back over seems normal.  This is an "off label" topical use of a DSHEA supplement product.

Here is the link to this product:

You can see the original note in last month's email here: [article 4.1]

BTW, Dr. Wolf is coming out with a version of the product without CBD or hemp oil.
Philanthropic Credit Grants --
May Be Considered
A Private Barter Facilitation System

Sponsored by a private sovran church association, PCs may be the private currency of the future.  For a limited time the organization is granting 5,000 units to each individual, just for signing up.


Go to "Register" at upper right corner.

I am one of the experts working with the defense in the NJ case of Horizon v Jonuzi et al.  Horizon (BlueCross/Blue Shield) sued Atlantic Integrative Medical Center for "fraud" although not one client of the center complained.  These insurance fraud cases usually end with capitulation by the provider, or by way of a Summary Judgment Motion, in favor of the insurer.  Horizon brought the SJM -- and last week, lost the motion!  Defendants' lawyer said he cannot remember another case where the defense survived this type of attack!

What this means is that this case may be a proper vehicle to test the extent of the Affordable Care Act's "provider nondiscrimination" clause -- this case may set a precedent forcing insurers to cover holistic and integrative care!

We need your help to effectively present this defense and counterclaim.  Donate here:

New HHS Guidance

Says the Acting HHS Secretary:  "For too long too many of these healthcare practitioners have been bullied and discriminated against because of their religious beliefs and moral convictions leaving many of them to wonder whether they have a future in our healthcare system.  When faithful Americans are bullied out of the public square and out of public service, when bigotry is allowed to flourish, we all lose."

This article covers the story:

And here is the new Disclosure Statement any company, hospital, or agency that gets Federal Funding needs to give to its employees:

45 CFR Part 88
[Docket No.: HHS–OCR–2018–0002]
RIN 0945–ZA03
Protecting Statutory Conscience Rights in Health Care; Delegations of Authority
AGENCY: Office for Civil Rights (OCR), Office of the Secretary, HHS.

Appendix A to Part 88—Notice Concerning Federal Health Care Conscience and Associated AntiDiscrimination Protections

[Name of recipient, the Department, or Department component] complies with Federal health care conscience and associated anti-discrimination laws and does not exclude, treat adversely, coerce, or otherwise discriminate against persons or entities on the basis of their religious beliefs or moral convictions. You have the right to decline to participate in, refer for, undergo, or pay for certain health care-related treatments, research, or services (such as abortion or assisted suicide, among others) which violate your conscience, religious beliefs, or moral convictions under Federal law.

If you believe that [Name of recipient, the Department, or Department component] has failed to accommodate your conscientious, religious, or moral objection, or has unlawfully discriminated against you on those grounds, you can file a conscience and religious freedom complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights, electronically through the Office for Civil Rights Complaint Portal, available at or by mail or phone at: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Avenue SW, Room 509F, HHH Building, Washington, DC 20201, 1–800–368–1019, 800–537–7697 (TDD).

Complaint forms and more information about Federal health care conscience and associated anti-discrimination laws are available at

Dated: January 18, 2018.
Eric D. Hargan,
Acting Secretary, Department of Health and
Human Services.
[FR Doc. 2018–01226 Filed 1–19–18; 11:15 am]

California's new, tougher, Proposition 65 warning rules are in effect. If you think your product does not get into California, think again. If you think no one will notice, remember that Prop 65 is enforced by a hoard of private lawyers looking to grab fees and penalties from your company.

More information on how Dr. Goodman and I can help:

Here is my article about all this, posted at Open Source Truth:

Systems Processing Integration

Check out my new web site for my OPS 4 SOPs System.  This is the site you need to organize your basic Branding and Regulatory documents.