Sunday, February 5, 2017

Era of the Mobile App

Mobile Apps, Cognitive Enhancement &
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The Era of the Mobile App is Upon Us!

This memorandum covers developing FDA regulations of Mobile Apps. To a great extent, the future of internet communication is via Apps. Some estimate that 80% of internet traffic will be Mobile App mediated by the end of the decade.
Bottom Line: The time to enter the Mobile App space may be now…
Here is an example of a Mobile App (for Dr. Rima Laibow) described here:
FDA Regs on Mobile Apps 
Some of the questions being considered by the regulators:
-         How the FDA should categorize mobile apps and decides how, or whether, to regulate them as medical devices.
-         How the FDA evaluates an app's "intended use."
-         How to interpret the FDA's promise of "enforcement discretion" for certain types of apps.
-         Who can be considered a mobile medical app developer and what regulations affect them.

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