Thursday, October 24, 2013

SOP Certification Program Options

SOP Certification Program Options
At Global Healing Center, Houston
Date:  10.24.13

From: Sher Komisar
Certification Program Coordinator

Ralph asked me to send you this short video explaining how the Vitamin Lawyer Webinar Training System works:

And below is an outline of Program Options.


The Program that is Right for Your Company
For individual Webinar offerings and pricing see:

[I] Supplement Company Certification Programs
[II Health Care Practitioner Certification Program
[III] Minister Practitioner Certification Program

[I] Supplement Company Programs

[3] CERTIFICATION PROGRAM THREE: Customized Gold Standard

      Access to the Webinars, Documents, Certification Test and Update Forum; time with your staff online [includes up to  TEN Certifications without extra charge]. Counsel Ralph works with your CEO to complete the SOP document and provides a live online, recorded discussion with your staff as part of the training. Your recording is for your use only.


      Access to the Webinars, Documents, Certification Test and Update Forum [includes up to  FOUR Certifications without extra charge]. Your CEO and Counsel Ralph discuss customizing the SOPs.


      Access to the Online Webinars, Documents, Certification Test and SOP Format [includes ONE Certification without extra charge].

All levels include the Four Certification Webinars and the Bonus Record Keeping Webinar.


[II] Health Care Practitioner Certification Program

If you own your own labels, even if you contract with suppliers, manufacturers, encapsulators, bottlers, labelers, shippers, even customer service... YOU must be in "a state of control..." by having Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that required proper contracts. If you carry-on any of these processes "in house'you must have appropriate SOPs, must train your staff in those SOPs and prove it.

This program does just that.

Includes: SOP Format, eBooks and the following Webinars:

DS and Medical Foods in Physicians’ Practice
Therapy is Not Treatment
Record Keeping

With a Bonus Webinar:

CAM Cautions
Lawful Copywriting

[III] Minister Practitioner Certification Program

This program is designed for ministers engaged in healing ministries. Professional Education.

The program includes  eBooks with extensive addenda and these Webinars:

Minister's Healing Practices
CAM Cautions
Therapy is Not Treatment
Lawful Copy Writing

Counseling / Training / Certification

  From the FDA’s GMP Regulation: “…final Sec.  111.14(b)(2) requires you to keep documentation of training, including the date of the training, the type of training, and the person(s) trained.” - Federal Register, page 34811

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"The FDA showed up unannounced. Said they’d be here for at least six days.  We showed them the SOPs Counsel Ralph prepared for us. They left after two days. It was comforting to know we could call Ralph any time during this, and he was there for us." A. C. Company CEO