Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Merchant Accounts for Nutrients

Merchant Account for Nutrients

One of the challenges facing dietary supplement companies is where to find merchant services, such as the ability to accept credit and debit cards for your product sales.  For leading-edge products this can be quite a challenge. For example, PayPal is well-known for cutting-off companies that sell products such as CBDs and the like.

Dan Fucetola of Winning Business Solutions has sourced a merchant account company that specializes in nutrient products.

You can find out more here:


Just click on "G.E.T. Merchant Account: START HERE."

"We are proud to partner with Global Electronic Technology, Inc. for Merchant Services. Yes, they do handle dietary supplement products and anything else you can sell. Start by sending us a message to the special contact form below. Our GET account manager Luis will contact you directly. Please include your phone and email."

Ralph ...
My experience will strengthen your company!  I provide private and confidential, competent electronic professional consulting to my Dietary Supplement and advanced healthcare ("CAM") modality clients, for the purpose of compliance with International, State and Federal (including FTC and FDA) standards for communicating about the advertising and sale of dietary supplements (including medical foods) and/or providing of health care services and information. You should consider my SOP / cGMP Certification Course, allowing start-up and established vitamin companies and practitioners who own their own private labeled products to meet with new FDA procedural regulations.          

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