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Agenda 2020 - Foresight, Not Hindsight

Agenda 2020 - Foresight, Not Hindsight

Re: The Institute for Health Research and the Vitamin Consultancy's Business Collaborative

The natural product industry in the United States has been growing rapidly for the past half century.  As a participant in that business, you want to know where it is going next. The next big thing? The next regulatory assault? You need foresight, not hindsight. That's what this private memo is about.

To paraphrase, "An industry divided will not stand."  I have been closely observing the direction the government is taking with regard to supplements and I don't like it! Back in the '70s and '80s there were far fewer supplement companies, and they were small by today's standards. But those that existed pulled together, understanding that there was safety in numbers, and by the mid-'90s we were able to cajole Congress into giving DSHEA (the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) unanimous approval.

The industry that grew from that push back is now maturing and its participants need to pay attention to the threats, and opportunities, on the horizon.

Since you are on my Vitamin Consultancy email list you probably know that I practiced law for 36 years, becoming known as The Vitamin Lawyer. Today I continue my work through my Vitamin Consultancy and as Vice President of Natural Solutions and President of the Institute for Health Research --

A plan is developing for the next few years that involves you and your company. The plan is called Agenda 2020 as it is envisioned to be fully implemented over the next four years -- our "20-20" vision for the future.

The plan includes continued enhancements to the Vitamin Consultancy, bringing additional professionals into the Consultancy. An example is the Cosmetic Dossier Service Dr. R. Goodman and I provide.

Our core VC services will continue to be upgraded:

1. Label, literature and claims consulting
2. General vitamin industry consulting
3. SOP and GMP compliance
4. The Cosmetic Dossier
5. The Vitamin Consultancy Webinar Training System
6. GMP physical and virtual audits

These services are funded through client fees and are self-supporting.

But that is not all that we do here. Natural Solutions Foundation and the Institute for Health Research have a significant portion of my attention, my time and advise. Their activities need to be self-supporting too. This memo focuses on the Institute.

But be aware there are some exciting changes coming to Natural Solutions -- to be covered in a future memo.

The Institute for Health Research was established in 1998 by Green Turtle Bay Vitamins founder Karen Horbatt and Dr. Richard Podell, a well-known Jersey physician and teacher. I am the third trustee. Today Ms Horbatt remains our Chairwoman Emeritus, I am President of the Institute and several health professionals, including Rima Laibow MD have joined the Board.

We have begun to publish a professional Journal and seek leading-edge health, natural approach research papers. Our focus is providing actionable information for people in the natural products arena. You can read the first published articles, by luminaries such as Gary Null, ND, Sharry Edwards, MEd and Rima Laibow, MD, at

US tax law allows your company to donate up to 5% of its gross profits to charitable activities, and gain a significant tax break. The Institute is authorized to accept such donations and issue the appropriate tax receipt. We have a PayPal donation button on the main page and are also happy to receive checks or money orders made out to the Institute c/o Ralph Fucetola, 58 Plotts Rd, Newton, NJ 07860.

How much of your company's gross profits are you ready to allocate toward protecting your Commercial Health Freedom? This is the time of year when it is prudent to make those allocations.

Here is the monthly Institute budget I need your help to meet:

1. Office space, overhead and supplies: $1500
2. Web Master / Site & Journal Maintenance: $1,000
3. EList maintenance: $700
4. Educate Decision Makers system: $700
5. Social Media Intern: $750

There are other expenses. For example, we need to develop a PR budget, including adequate funds for at least quarterly trips to venues such as Washington, DC or trade meetings.
Bottom line: what can funding the Institute office do for you?

The Vitamin Consultancy will be able to continue to provide you with a very high level of professional consulting for modest hourly fees, along with the Webinar System and other special services.

But, as the Institute becomes properly funded, in cooperation with the Consultancy, I will also be able to provide Sustaining Members early alerts critical to operating in an increasingly complex regulatory climate.

The first Alert from the Institute that I am preparing is a Special Report: Food Safety Regulation -- Action List. These will include summaries of the private alerts I provide  privately to my Monthly Retainer Consultancy Clients. Biannual registration renewals are due.

Another powerful business's tool we are developing is the Nutrient Companies' Business Collaborative -- a private information exchange that brings best practices to the fore, keeping the Sustaining Members at the leading edge.

The goal of the Collaborative is to introduce its members to each other, to share their special capacities for mutual benefit, and clout. "Push Back Works" and pushing back together works even better.

As a Sustaining Member your company will be among the first to hear about new technologies and leading edge approaches, such as using frequency in the testing and processing of food products. Here I am thinking of the pioneering frequency matrix work of Sharry Edwards or the recent frequency analysis article by Mike Adams.

How does your company become a Sustaining Member?

Set up a recurring donation through our PayPal donation button at or send a check or money order for one year (min. $1200). We will provide appropriate tax receipts. If it is convenient for you, I can arrange to have the Institute send you a monthly invoice from its PayPal account.

Whether a clear vision for Agenda 2020 comes into sight will depend on you seeing that vision benefiting the future success of your business. IMHO, it's time foresee where we are going.

Call me if you have any questions, or just to let me know that you are in...

Ralph Fucetola JD

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