Friday, March 13, 2020

March 2020 Pandemic Newsletter



Everyone is worried about COVID-19 and every company is impacted by it.

I have updated my Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) format to add Working Remotely to SOP #13, Emergency Planning.

My regular retainer clients are receiving a copy of the revised SOP and those retainer companies that are part of my OPS for SOPs -- my on-line facility for Systems Processing Integration -- -- are having their SOPs automatically updated by me.

Remember the OPS (Operating Procedures System) is a password-protected online page which houses copies of your SOPs and other primary regulatory documentation... just what you need during an emergency!

If you want a copy of SOP #13, the cost is just $99 -- email me and I'll send you a PayPal money request.

But during this emergency, I want everyone to have the information they need to protect their company.  So here is the new section of SOP #13, so you can get ready for remote working if you find your company under lock-down.

[2] Working Remotely - It may be necessary for some or all staff to work remotely during an emergency.  In advance of such contingency the Emergency Manager should:
  1. Establish an Online Communication System, such as (1) Skype or Zoom, instructing all staff to have access to the system via cell phone and home computer; (2) a Conference Call Bridge number should also be established and (3) a Push Notice System can be established to text group messages to staff member cell phones.
  2. Designate staff members who are essential to operations and who should, if possible, work from the facility.
  3. Designate staff members who can continue their work remotely.
  4. Designate times and circumstances where staff members should call the Conference Call Bridge for instructions or text instructions to staff members’ cell phones.
I also included one additional duty to the general duties of your Emergency Manager (Section 1 of the SOP):  "Maintain a list of staff members and their cell phones for text messaging and conference calling; this list should be maintained on a password-protected Internet Page which is part of the Company online OPS."

Please let me know how I can help your company during this emergency.

Dr. Laibow and I are maintaining a COVID information aggregation site here:

We are planning a COVID Emergency Health Summit; more information here:

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