Thursday, February 1, 2018

California Prop 65 Services


California's Proposition 65 changes will cost you money.  You can hire Dr. Goodman and me to manage the changes, or you can risk large fines and legal expenses if you do nothing. Act today!

Remember, even if you do not sell directly into California, so long as your product or service is used in California, the regulation applies.

Are you required to give the Prop 65 Warning? If you are and you fail to do so, any California consumer can sue you in California, recover legal fees and get a share of the fine for bringing the case... there is a growing cottage industry in California where people identify and sue unsuspecting companies... like yours!

Go to and learn how we can help you avoid a costly mistake. Check our FAQs page there.

Robert Goodman, PhD (Biochemistry) and I will search the 900 chemicals on the Prop 65 List and if you have one of those ingredients, determine if you have under the "Safe Harbor" limit or otherwise are below the No Adverse Reaction Level and then Certify that you do not need to give the warning. Unless you do... But, remember, there are loopholes within the loopholes.

Here is the link to a short video explaining our services:

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