Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Health Freedom Assessment

Inspired by General Bert
Here is Our 2017
Health Freedom Assessment
Urgent Information for Your Future

I visited my friends and fellow trustees, Dr. Laibow and Gen. Stubblebine (at JFK Hospital, Edison, NJ) where Gen. Bert has been for the last 120 days a couple days ago.  Gen. Bert is improving and we had a chance to catch up about the election and other strategic health freedom-related issues. His take? 2016 was not a good year for health freedom. Except for our amazing court victory the week before Christmas in which a Judge of the NJ Superior Court confirmed once again the right of Informed Consent, even in hospitals! Bert lives. Nutritional therapy works, when hospitals allow it.

You can read the Assessment here:

Or watch the video version here:

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May you and your have a prosperous, healthy and free new year

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