Thursday, December 5, 2013

Minister's CAM Practices Webinar


Minister's CAM Practices Webinar Screen

Memorandum from Ralph Fucetola JD
December 5, 2013
To: Vitamin Lawyer Contact List
There are now eleven webinar videos posted on the Vitamin Lawyer Webinar System.
    1. CAM Cautions
    2. DS and Medical Foods in Physicians’ Practice
    3. Lawful Copy Writing
    4. Ministers’ CAM Practices
    5. Record Keeping for GMPs
    6. SOP1: Introduction
    7. SOP2: Section 1
    8. SOP3: Section 2
    9.  SOP4: Conclusion
    10 SOPs for Health Care Practitioners
    11 Therapy is Not Treatment
Today I'd like to feature the Minister Practitioner Certification Course
That course consists of:

[1] two main Webinars:
     the 52 minute Ministers' CAM Practices and 
     the 46 minute CAM Cautions, and 

[2] two bonus Webinars:
     Therapy is Not Treatment and 
     Lawful Copy Writing.
Each Webinar also includes its eBook, with all of the Webinar slide text and bonus information. Just $337 .
Here is my Video Tour of the  Webinar System: 
Reserve your access now; you should contact my Certification Program Coordinator, Sher Komisr here: 
#914.966.8053 -

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