Thursday, September 5, 2013

Good Practices Note from the Vitamin Lawyer

Good Practices Note from
The Vitamin Lawyer
September 5, 2013

I want your natural product company or practice protected. 

Last weekend the FDA was out in force, at the Expo in Baltimore, visiting hundreds of company booths; looking at company web pages on their iPads as they collected information...

I know you are all very busy but am wondering however, if perhaps the reason Sher Komisar didn't hear from you yet, in response to my recent emails, is because you feel that you have all your bases covered when it comes to being safe during the inevitable FDA inspection and have all cGMP and SOP certifications.  

You can no longer rely on your manufacturer "covering" you.

If so we would love to hear from you anyway to know just what you have done and put in place toward your protection. We will either pat you on the back and say 'good job' you have put the right protection in place OR we might find some loopholes in your protective shield. Allow us to be of help...

You should visit my web page.

And you should call Sher Komisar so she can help you with your requirements. 

She's at: #914.966.8053

Ralph ...
Ralph Fucetola JD
The Vitamin Lawyer

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