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07/31/09 - Marketing Metrics: Billions for CAM

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  1. Blog & News – New Vitamin Lawyer Video

“One on One with the Vitamin Lawyer” from Power Pictures Inc.
Trailer: www. youtube. com/watch?v=wWPvzpn0YgA
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Self-Shielding White Paper and Action Item
www. healthfreedomusa. org/?page_id=2752

“>Americans spend $34B for alternative medicine
>July 30, 2009 4:31 PM EDT
>ATLANTA - Americans spend more than a 10th of their out-of-pocket health care
dollars on alternative medicine, according to the first national estimate of
such spending in more than a decade.
>Chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and herbal remedies are
commanding significant consumer dollars as people seek high-touch care in a
high-tech society, the report released Thursday by the government shows.
>Altogether, consumers spent an estimated $34 billion on those and other
alternative remedies in 2007, the report found.

  www. newstin. com/rel/us/en-010-016784061

From the invite for the Fourth FDA Inspection Summit:
The FDA is gearing up and cracking down. Here are a few highlights of the agency's FY10 plans:
  • More than double the number import field examinations
  • 346 new hires for the signature Safer Products initiative
  • A 43 per cent increase in foreign GMP surveillance inspections
  • New field offices in New Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Mexico, Costa Rica and other overseas hot-spots, manned by at least 60 staffers
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  1. eMail Marketing Metrics - www. addme. com/blog/promotional-resources/email-marketing/is-email-marketing-dead.htm

“How do you measure an effective email campaign? There are 3 ways(apart from conversions):
 Delivery - how many emails were sent out to the list
 Open Rate - how many emails were read…
 Click through Rate - how many readers then clicked through … to a landing page

“These metrics can be skewed however. Open rates are often measured by the amount of times a tracking image is loaded, however most email clients by default don't load images. Some subscribers also choose to receive text emails, this again makes it difficult to measure as it's not possible to embedded an image into a raw text email.

“A recent study by www. emarketer. com and www. epsilon. com I found to be very interesting, and shows that email marketing is still alive and doing very well. Top level figures report that with the correct creative and a clean targeted list you can achieve very good results …

“Q1 2009 Email Trends and Benchmarks
Delivery Rate 94.1%
Open Rate 22.1%
Click Through Rate 6.1%”


2. Natural Solutions Vital Connection Webinars with The Vitamin Lawyer

Setting up a Student Account at VCU is free and relatively easy:

www. VitalConnectionUniversity. com

[1] Your Ministry, the Law and Alternative Practices
Held July 9, 2009:  This webinar is Archived. –
(approximately 2 hours)

A PowerPoint discussion with Counsel Ralph Fucetola JD about advanced health care practices, the ministry and the law. $49.95 - Includes eBook with forms.

Direct sign-up: www. vitalconnectionuniversity. com/moodle/course/view.php?id=169

[2] CAM Advanced Healthcare Practitioner SOPs

Held: May 6, 2009 – This Webinar is Archived.
(approximately 2 hours)

You can see my short introductory YouTube video at:
vitaminlawyerhealthfreedom.blogspot. com/2009/02/webinar-announcement-ethical-legal.html

Direct sign-up:

[3] Bringing New Natural Products to Market

Held: May 10, 2009 – This Webinar is Archived.
(approximately 2 hours)

What does it take to bring a new natural product to market? This webinar will cover the pitfalls and requirements. Especially in the current market, you need to do everything right to have a success… includes a useful eBook with forms.

Direct sign-up: www. vitalconnectionuniversity. com/moodle/course/view.php?id=102

"Your papers must be in order."

Are your ingredients "grandfathered" under DSHEA?
Have you filed your Structure and Function Claims Notices?
Do you have your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
Is your web site Site Use Statement up-to-date?
Is your Substantiation Notebook ready?

Your papers need to be in order before the FDA inspection!

[4] Sustainable IRA

Held: Saturday June 13, 2009 – This Webinar is Archived.
(approximately 2 hours)

Sustainable Retirement Capacity - Protecting the Environment AND Your IRA/401 – At the Same Time! The Foundation Trustees lead you through an interesting slide presentation that will help you make important decisions about where you want to be in the event conditions in the US continue to deteriorate. Free Webinar ($25 donation suggested).  With eBook.

Direct IRA link: www. Vitalconnectionuniversity .com/moodle/course/view.php?id=95

Each Webinar includes its own useful eBook of forms and other information that will help you better organize (includes full powerpoint presentation text and resources).


Ralph Fucetola JD
www .vitaminlawyer .com
http:// vitaminlawyerarchives .blogspot .com

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