Wednesday, February 25, 2009

02/05/09 - Vitamin Lawyer "CAM" Practices Webinar


Just a note to remind you all that the Vitamin lawyer is conducting a Natural
Solutions Vital Connection webinar tomorrow for "CAM" (complementary and
alternative modality) practitioners.

Date: 02/26/09 [Archived]
Time: 8:00 PM EST (approximately 2 hours)

You can sign up at:

You can see my short introductory YouTube video at:

The webinar includes a useful eBook of forms and other information that will
help you organize your practice.

This approximately 2 hour seminar is intended for Natural (sometimes called
"CAM") healthcare practitioners in every area of practice. With State and
Federal Government agencies determined to stamp out all
non-pharmaceutical-focused treatments, if you are an advanced health
practitioner, you need accurate, up to the minute information on –

• Standard Operating Procedures (includes formats)
• Disclaimers
• Disclosures
• Informed Consent
• Risks to Private Practitioners
• Practical advise on structuring your practice to protect yourself and your clients
• Forbidden words
• How to present what you do and why you do it
• Waivers

Common sense, talent and experience may make you a great practitioner, but it
takes legal information and careful strategic communication to keep you out of
trouble and in practice.

If you participate in the live webinar tomorrow you can ask questions;
otherwise, the webinar will be archived for future viewing.

Ralph Fucetola JD
The Vitamin Consultancy
All rights reserved . . .

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