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12/24/08 - Doctors Recommend Dietary Supplements

Vitamin Lawyer Update eMemo: December 24, 2008

This issue: Doctors Recommend Dietary Supplements

0. News - Defending the NSF / The Year Ahead
1. Doctors Recommending Dietary Supplements
2. Web Ring and Wiki for Advanced Health Care – Sign-up Now!
3. Standard Operating Procedures and Site Use Statements
4. Livron Labs Looking for Industry Partners

0. VL Blog News

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Defending Natural Solutions Foundation
vitaminlawyerhealthfreedom.blogspot .com/2008/12/truth-is-our-defense-internet-attacks.html
And – www .healthfreedomusa .org/index.php?p=1694

The Year Ahead… According to

“The momentum of areas that have dominated in 2008 such as probiotics, omega-3s, superfruits and weight management remains strong and seem certain to continue registering fat blips on the commercial and consumer radar in 2009…Despite the ongoing frustration of scientific studies that ask of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, herbs and other nutrients that which they were never meant to deliver – like curing cancer or treating severe depression – the year ahead looks promising for their use in an array of matrices from supplements to cosmeceuticals to functional foods and drinks… With the financial climate bringing closer scrutiny to business and personal budgets alike, there is an argument that sales of healthy foods and supplements may benefit because individuals place greater emphasis on maintaining wellness through dietary choices, rather than face often exorbitant costs in the medical system.”

www .nutraingredients .com/Industry/A-Nutra-eye-on-2009

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1. Doctors Recommending Dietary Supplements
www. functionalingredientsmag .com/fimag/articleDisplay.asp?strArticleId=1974&strSite=FFNSite
Newly-released results from the 2008 "Life…supplemented" Healthcare Professionals Impact Study show for the first time which supplements specialist physicians are taking and recommending to their patients…
Orthopaedic specialists — Nearly three-quarters (73%) of orthopaedic specialists use dietary supplements…Nearly all orthopaedic specialists who take supplements recommend them to their patients (94%). Even 82% of orthopaedic specialists who do not take supplements still recommend them to their patients. In total, 91% of orthopaedic specialists recommend supplements to their patients. The top reasons include: bone health (75%), joint health (73%), musculoskeletal pain (53%) and overall health and wellness benefits (25%).
Cardiologists — More than half (57%) of cardiologists use dietary supplements. The top reasons they do so include: overall health and wellness benefits (32%), heart health (29%), lower cholesterol (20%) and energy (17%)… Among the 72% of total cardiologists recommending supplements, the top reasons for doing so include: lower cholesterol (58%), heart health (55%), maintain healthy cholesterol (36%), and overall health and wellness benefits (30%).
Dermatologists — Three-quarters of dermatologists use dietary supplements. The top reasons for this include: overall health and wellness benefits (42%); bone health (24%); skin, hair and nails (16%); heart health (15%) and anti-ageing (14%)…
2. Web Ring and Wiki… Sign-up Working!

In recent eblasts I told you all about the new Advanced Healthcare Web Ring and how it can help your Search Engine Status and push derogatory postings off the first page of Google and other Search Engines.

I’ve posted that information at: http:// tinyurl .com/5d6489

Now, after more beta testing the sign-up page is working! (With my special thanks to those of you sought to sign up and who communicated with me about problems!)

Take a look at the Web Ring at: www .healthcare-aware .com

And SIGN UP HERE: http: //healthcare-aware .com/subscribe/go.php?r=1&i=l0

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3. Standard Operating Procedures and Site Use Statements

The Vitamin Lawyer .com Consultancy offers standardized formats for various Standard Operating Procedures and for Site Use Statements. YOUR PAPERS MUST BE IN ORDER!

You can find much more information about these at:

SOPs - http:// tinyurl .com/2eu6yj

SUSs – www .siteusestatement .com

4. Livron Labs looking for industry partners

A note from a mutual friend in the industry:

Dear Ralph - If you know of anyone who needs a fabulous, ethical supplements manufacturer, my supplier has extra capacity just now. Ask for "Gary Viole" , "Richard Viole" - Livron Vitamin Co. - Allendale, NJ 07401 - Tel: 201-236-1300. Thanks, KH


Happy Holidays to All… and a Peaceful, Prosperous New Year
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