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06/24/08 - FDA "Cancer Cure" Warning Letters

Vitamin Lawyer Update Memo: June 24, 2008

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0. Blog and Important News Notes
1. FDA Warning Letters – “Cancer Cures”
2. 97% of Nutrient and Health Claims Rejected in Europe!
3. Pharma Lobby Spends a Billion in a Decade…
4. Professional Practice Record Keeping SOP Available
0. VL Blog and News Notes

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1. FDA Warning Letters – “Cancer Cures”

“The US Food and Drug Administration sent warning letters to 23 American companies and two foreign individuals for allegedly marketing a range of products fraudulently claimed to prevent and cure cancer… it had also warned North American consumers against using or purchasing the products, which include tablets, teas, tonics, black salves and creams, all sold under various names on the internet… contain[ing] ingredients such as bloodroot, shark cartilage, coral calcium, cesium, ellagic acid, Cat's Claw, an herbal tea called Essiac, and mushroom varieties such as Agaricus Blazeii, Shitake, Maitake, and Reishi.”

FDA says the following claims are “fraudulent:”
• "Treats all forms of cancer"
• "Causes cancer cells to commit suicide!"
• "80% more effective than the world's number one cancer drug"
• "Skin cancers disappear"
• "Target cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone"
• "Shrinks malignant tumors"
• "Avoid painful surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or other conventional treatments"

functionalingredientsmag. com/fimag/articleDisplay.asp?strArticleId=1771&strSite=FFNSite

2. 97% of Nutrient and Health Claims Rejected in Europe
“23-Jun-2008 - The European Commission has culled its gargantuan nutrition and health claims list from more than 40,000 to 1500 as the health claims process moves closer to fruition in January, 2010. … [Some claims] were deemed inappropriate for want of supporting data or were making claims about foods or food supplements that were not legally available in the EU… The nutrition and health claims regulation was enacted last year and seeks to harmonize claims across the … EU's 27 member states…”

foodnavigator. com/news/ng.asp?n=86073&c=gbrnO2ewSG3%2BoFrFccmRkw%3D%3D
3. Pharma Lobby Spends a Billion in a Decade…

Investigative report on the Public Integrity web site says Big Pharma spent more in 2007 ($186,000,000 – right, that’s nearly two hundred million dollars!) than in any previous year, but the past ten year total is approaching a billion dollars… all to convince Congress that this industry’s often dangerous products are… good for us?

publicintegrity. org/rx/report.aspx?aid=985

4. Professional Practice SOPs

The Vitamin Lawyer .com Consultancy offers standardized formats for Standard Operating Procedures. The Professional Practice Record Keeping SOP describes record keeping standards for the practitioner who provides nutrients and natural remedies to his or her clients.

You can see a list of the topics covered by the SOP at: http:// tinyurl. com/2eu6yj

If you would like a copy of the Professional Practice SOP, please send me an email with “PP-SOP” in the subject line; I charge ½ hour for this service.


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