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11/29/07 - EU Court: Foods are not Drugs


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2. Health Freedom victory in the EU
3. Herbs at a glance… NCCAM listing

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The Tiburon Statement: No Forced Vaccinations!

eAlerts – STOP FORCED VACCINATION! If you are on the Natural Solutions Foundation eAlert list you received an alert the day before yesterday about the emergency health freedom advocates’ meeting in Tiburon CA this past weekend I attended. If you want to stay current on health freedom issues, you really need to sign up to the eAlert list - please go to: and sign up today! Better, tell everyone on your elist to do the same! This list of several hundred thousand purveyors and consumers of natural products and remedies is having a powerful impact in Washington and internationally.

2. Victory for health freedom in the EU

As we’ve been saying for years, "Foods are not drugs..." Now says the European Court of Justice, about the German attempt to ban the importation of garlic capsules:

"Regarding the concept of a medicinal product by function, the Court stated that garlic capsules do not contain any substance other than natural garlic and have no additional effects, either positive or negative, compared to those derived from the consumption of garlic in its natural state. In contrast, a medicinal product must have the function of preventing or treating disease. Beneficial effects for health in general are not sufficient."

This rational and just decision, recognizing, as it does, that foods can have health benefits without that fact categorizing the food as a "medicine," is a major step toward more open and freer healthcare in Europe.

Congratulations to the Court of Justice!

3. Herbs at a Glance…

NACCAM – the National Center for Complementary and Alternative “Medicine” is publishing information about herbs, which can be found at:

You may find this a useful resource to suggest some claims support. WARNING: the site uses the word “treat” inappropriately, confusing normal nutrient effects with treatment of disease… Maybe a US court needs to tell NACCAM what the EU high court just told Germany: food health benefits are not drug claims!

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