Thursday, April 26, 2007

04/26/07 - SUS Page Updates


1. Dietary Supplement SUS page update
2. Vitamin Lawyer on Internet Radio this Friday

1. Dietary Supplement SUS page update:

One of the main services The Vitamin Lawyer Consultancy provides to its vitamin purveyor and alternative health care practitioner client base is to keep you updated with the latest changes in the Disclaimers and Disclosures that you need on your web site. Due to recent legal developments, I’ve modified my standard Site Use, Privacy, Disclosure, Disclaimer Statement by adding two new paragraphs. If you are using my format, you would add these after the section on food allergen labeling. The new clauses are:

"This Organization is in compliance with the terms of the Dietary Supplement and Non-Prescription Drug Consumer Protection Act of 2006 and will make all required Adverse Event Reports (AER).

To the best of the knowledge of the Organization, none of our products are classified as “CAM” (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Products and they are not labeled with claims to treat disease."

For more information about SUS contents, see: – if your web site needs a proper SUS, please email me with “SUS” in the subject line.


2. Vitamin Lawyer on Internet Radio this Friday

I’ll be chatting with counsel Jim Turner on his Of Consuming Interest Internet Radio show this Friday, April 27th from 3 to 4 PM, EDT - - this is Gary Null’s internet radio network. Our prime topic will be Complementary and Alternative Modalities.

We will discuss the latest developments in the FDA anti-CAM guidance public outcry. To date, over 144,000 people have told the FDA , “We’re as mad as hell and we won’t take it any more!” While the FDA spin masters now assure us we have nothing to fear, lawyers in the field view the guidance as potentially dangerous to health care freedoms. We’re happy to take your questions and comments about this and the other pending attacks on health freedom, like CODEX, the NAU (Trilateral Cooperation Charter) and a bunch of bad bills recently introduced or threatened by the friends of Big Pharma in Congress. We will also focus on strategy going forward: how to deconstruct an agency that has confusing and conflicting authority and a record of mounting failure. It is sobering to realize that as many people die each year of properly prescribed, FDA approved, drugs, as have protested the anti-CAM guidance!

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