Thursday, October 12, 2006

10/12/06 - VL Free Online Seminar; Codex DVD


Here’s what I cover in this memo:

1. Vitamin Lawyer Free Online Seminar
2. Codex DVD and Committee Meeting


1. Vitamin Lawyer Free Online Seminar: Over the years I’ve written many briefs and white papers about dietary supplement regulation and about alternative health care practices. I’ve posted these on an index page that you can find at: / Updated:

Here are some of the titles:

Alternative Practices and the AMA Code of Ethics
The Practice of Alternatives is not the Practice of Medicine
Mum Marketing -- Niches on the Internet
The Right of the Public to the Truth - Current Vitamin Marketing Rules
The Herbalists' Charter -- Ancient Rights for Modern Practitioners

-------------------------------------------------------- Index

2. Here’s some insider information on the Codex Alimentarius (World Food Code) issue and the future of international regulation of the Dietary Supplement marketplace.

“Codex is a winnable battle. It takes awareness, motivation, hope and tools to win. And it takes people. You know that we don't have the major media fighting to be first in line to tell the story of Codex and the industrialization/pollution of our food supply. They are not itching to let everyone in America know that despite the fact that nutrients are safe and effective, to say nothing of inexpensive, they make most drugs unnecessary…” Dr. Rima Laibow.

See exciting excerpts from Dr. Laibow’s hard-hitting DVD, Nutricide, now posted at:

The Codex Nutritional Foods Committee (CCNFSDU) is meeting in Thailand at the end of this month, and for the first time ever, the organization’s autocratic chair will be held by someone who is more favorable to nutrients than the current leadership. This same meeting is required to consider the WHO/FAO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, having before it the 11 pro-health principles offered by South Africa. You can see a media release regarding these at:

It is important to SUPPORT the Natural Solutions Foundation, who helped develop the 11 Point Program, and thereby ensure that Foundation representatives can get to Thailand for what will be a very important meeting that will effect the way Vitamin Companies in the U.S. do business, not just globally, but domestically as well. It is expensive for NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) groups like NSF to fund such efforts, since they must rely entirely on private donations, unlike the bureaucrats and pharma cartel lobbyists who have plenty of money!

Check the video to learn why. Then donate, as though your Health Freedom depended on it, which, in my humble opinion, it does:

Thank you!

Ralph Fucetola JD

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